In it for the Long Haul

Posted By Katrina Owens

April 26, 2023

Consider the most successful project you ever completed. Maybe it was a rebrand, or a new product launch, or a seasonal promotion. Now consider what made it so successful.

We’re willing to bet that strong working relationships were part of the magic.

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to form deep connections with our clients, which allow us to understand workflows, creative tastes and competitive challenges. This provides opportunity for ongoing brand refinement, in addition to efficiencies that save everyone time, money, and headaches. During challenging economic times however, marketing efforts tend to come under fire first. 

When the stream of sales and leads slow down, it’s assumed that current tactics are no longer working effectively and we jump to make a change or pull back. Over the years, this has been particularly apparent in the world of real estate marketing. As markets cool, developers need to make decisions, sometimes rash, in an effort to come out on top. 

But here’s the thing, the perfect storm of ideal circumstances that made 2022 such a strong year for real estate sales had very little to do with your marketing campaign. 

Yes, the overwhelming interest from buyers presented an amazing opportunity for brand building and growing customer loyalty; however, if there was a home on the market, buyers were going to find it. At the time, identifiers of a successful marketing campaign might have looked like a record-breaking PSF or a sell-out weekend at your sales center. These statistics demonstrate that your community brand was able to cut through the hundreds of real estate marketing ads to stay top of mind among thousands of buyers, and most of all, incite more action than your competitors. 

While your markers for success might look a little different now, this does not necessarily require a shift in marketing strategy. There are still hundreds of real estate ads to cut through, and now more than ever, your brand must incite action. Tightening the budget may feel like the natural next step, but making major changes to your strategy can end up costing more in the long run. Changing brand elements like a name, logo or other identifying features can lead to brand confusion, adjusting advertising mediums can make it challenging to evaluate results, and replacing team members adds hours of training and meetings as you backtrack how far you’ve already come. 

At MANTIS, we pride ourselves on maintaining open and honest communication with our clients. If something isn’t working, we work collaboratively with our clients to identify any issues and seek effective solutions together. Our decision making is informed by analytics and fortified by experience, and we understand that sometimes trying something different is required. Our talented team has proven experience in creating brands that make noise during quiet times, and we have an expansive portfolio to prove it.

Most of all, we value our longstanding relationships and look for clients who are in it for the long-run too. If this sounds like the kind of agency relationship you’re looking for – we should chat.

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Katrina Owens
Marketing Director, MANTIS Creative

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash